Want to run your own Git server? Try Gitlab (self-hosted)

June 26, 2016

I’ve never been a big fan of Github’s pricing model.


Or Bitbucket’s:


But most importantly, I want full control over my Git data.

So, I decided to host my own Git server ­čÖé

Meet Gitlab


You read that right. One of my favorite features of Gitlab is the built in CI/CD platform.


The Math

I have approximately 12 active users on gitlab. The monthly cost for each option would look like this:

  • Github: $25 + 7x$9 = $88
  • Bitbucket: $25
  • Gitlab on DigitalOcean with Free SSL Certificate: $10 (for reasonable performance)
  • Gitlab.com hosted: $0

If cost is your main concern, you can’t beat the free option from Gitlab.com. However, since I want to self-host my Git server, Gitlab self-hosted is very┬ácost-effective.

In a hurry? Want to try it right now?

If you just want to try out Gitlab and its features, the fastest way to get started is to use the hosted version:

Sign up here: https://about.gitlab.com/gitlab-com/

If you’re ready to run your own Gitlab server quickly, Digital Ocean provides a one-click install image for Gitlab.

Sign up for Digital Ocean (get free $10 credit)
(then you can find the installation steps here)

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