October 31, 2016

So you have a video that you want to put on your website. Sweet!

But you also want to gain insights about the video viewership, for example:

  • How many people watched the video?
  • Do most people watch the video until the end?
  • Where are the viewers coming from?

These are great questions to ask. But how do you get the answers to them?

Check out Wistia

Learn more about Wistia

The awesome insight you get

videoanalyticssafeandsoundreelThe insight you get from Wistia is great. You get to when people stopped playing the video.

Where do you host your videos today?

Ryan Harijanto

Head of Engineering. Former Sr. Engineer @Netflix , @HotelTonight , @Shutterstock. Previously a Senior Systems Engineer at Netflix, currently technology advisor and board member for emerging companies. Diverse technological knowledge and understanding of various industries.

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