Top Reasons Hiring Managers Lose Great Candidates

January 6, 2018

Talent acquisition is one of the most challenging task for growing company. Companies compete for experienced engineers and they work extremely hard to constantly improve their recruiting pipeline.

Often times, companies and hiring managers face difficulties in getting talented candidates to join them. Figuring out why the recruiting process isn’t working is not always an easy task. The recruiting process is a delicate, multi-faceted process that works differently for each company and is experienced differently by each candidate.

Here are some of the most common reasons:


You can save a lot of time and effort from being wasted by moving fast. Of course, achieving this requires cooperation from everyone involved in the interview process.

Fast offers have a higher acceptance rate than great offers.

2. Bad Candidate Experience

Many hiring managers made the mistake thinking candidate experience begins when the candidate is invited for an onsite interview. This can’t be farther than the truth.

Candidate experience begins the moment the candidate discovers the role (before the candidate even applies for the role). Ensuring that the candidate

3. Bad Online Reputation

There many different things online that can deter great candidates from working for your company. While many companies try to preserve their online reputation by including anti-disparagement clauses in employment contracts and severance agreements (for terminated employees), there are also figures available online that are not results of disgruntled (former) employees.  Based on my personal experience and after speaking with other industry professionals, here are some of the most influential ones:

Bad Glassdoor Review

Even if you’ve done everything correctly, your company may still receive a bad review. While one bad Glassdoor review may not impact your online presence much, if your company keeps getting negative reviews, your online reputation may be affected. Especially, if your company landed on Glassdoor’s Lowest Rated Tech Companies list.

Short Tenure (on LinkedIn)

Candidates see short-tenure as instability within the company.

Negative Employee-Count Growth

Candidates quickly grow concern over rapid declines in headcount. Was there a massive layoff?

[Updated in July 2018]

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