Making an intelligent chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is a hot topic. AI companies are popping up like never before. All AI developers have one common goal: to impersonate human’s intelligence using computer software. Many of them produce AI products in the form of chatbots. So, how do chatbots work? Let’s walk through the different components that chatbots use to understand, process, and respond to your messages.

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Building is a free website/service that you can use to hide the user’s HTTP referer when clicking on hyperlinks you create. In building, quite a number of performance and privacy considerations went into designing the service.

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What is DNS?

Every computer connected to the internet has a numerical identifier assigned to it called an “Internet Protocol (IP) address”. IP addresses are things that look like this: “” or “”. Without DNS, to make a connection from one computer to the other (for the purpose of web browsing, for example), you need to know the other computer’s IP address.

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Anatomy of a web URL

Protocol: It’s an agreement on how the server should communicate with your web browser. Subdomain: When you purchase a domain name, you can have “subdomains”, basically They can be configured as separate websites or the same website – configurable to your liking.

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