Automating Docker Image Builds (with Gitlab CI)

April 10, 2017

As mentioned in my previous post, I use Gitlab to store nearly all of my source code. Including my Docker image repositories.

I maintain my own Docker Image that I use to run my Gitlab CI build commands (it has the AWS CLI, NodeJS, and few other things).

I use Gitlab CI to automatically build, test, and push the image do Docker Hub whenever I commit new changes.

Here’s what my .gitlab-ci.yml looks like:

You can set the environment variables in:

and scroll down to:

Gitlab CI Runner Setup

Make sure your Gitlab CI Runner is running in privileged mode:

In your /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml file (inside your Gitlab CI Runner server, which is usually the same server as the server running your Gitlab server), make sure privileged = true

Security Warning: privileged mode will allow your Docker containers to gain privileged access to the host. Only use this Gitlab CI runner with repositories you trust.

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