Making an intelligent chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is a hot topic. AI companies are popping up like never before. All AI developers have one common goal: to impersonate human’s intelligence using computer software. Many of them produce AI products in the form of chatbots. So, how do chatbots work? Let’s walk through the different components that chatbots use to understand, process, and respond to your messages.

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Technical Interview Tips

Are you job searching and have an interview coming up? Congratulations. In my previous article, I’ve shared few tips on how interviewers can make the most out of the interview process. In this article, I’d like to share tips for interviewees (job seekers): how to increase your chance of impressing your interviewers.

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Building is a free website/service that you can use to hide the user’s HTTP referer when clicking on hyperlinks you create. In building, quite a number of performance and privacy considerations went into designing the service.

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Dokku Cheatsheet

Quick Start/Essentials # let’s say your Dokku server is set to run with as its hostname # create new app called “helloworld” – repeat for each app dokku apps:create helloworld # by default (if Dokku is running on virtual host mode) Dokku will setup # to add an additional domain: # to the […]

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